WTF happened in the 20th century?!

Capitalism and the State have proved to be much more resilient Marx predicted they would in the Communist Manifesto. The 20th Century was full of experiments of people rising up to challenge and contend for state power, and with top-down socialism and communism alternatives. We think it’s worthwhile to learn from those experiments, even though we are not interested in replicating them. For us, it’s helpful to understand where and why they went off course, and get insight into how we ended up where we are today.

When we are building relationships with people who are newer to understanding this history we find the following texts helpful in breaking down this history:

Study Alternatives
COiL Reflections on Emergent Strategy
WTF Happened In The 20th Century?!
A Liberatory Vision
What We Value & Envision
South Africa
1871 Paris Commune
DMSC Sex Workers Union Kolkata, India
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Making an Intersectional Analysis Central
Anti-Colonialism: A ‘Manly’ Fight?
War an Answer For Violence Against Women?
The Limitations of Intersectionality without Unbreakapartable Struggle #metoo
The Limitations of Intersectionality without Unbreakapartable Struggle DREAMERs
My Struggle is Your Struggle
Pedro Lemebel: A Gay Communist from Chile
Garment Workers Center
2001 Economic Collapse in Argentina
Intersectionality in Action
Combahee River Collective
Students Deserve: LAUSD students lead the fight against a racist and classist school system
Orange County Immigrant Youth United (OCIYU)
The Limitations of Intersectionality without Unbreakapartable Struggle
Horizontalism and a New Kind of Leadership
Ella Baker
Non-Hierarchy in Practice
Non-Hierarchy and Power
Growing Our Work
The Horizontalist Movement We Build Can Build Power