Unbreakapartable Struggle

Across the planet, we are seeing the forces of oppression and repression grow in strength as they attempt to further impoverish the world’s population for their own gain and smash movements of resistance that stand in their way. Such mass movements of resistance can be the embryos of a new social order based on a liberatory vision by and for humanity.

We recognize that all social movements, even horizontalist ones, contain within them different and often competing tendencies and perspectives. Some of these aspire only to use the movements to pressure the state to win reforms and to collaborate with the existing capitalist state. Others see the movements as capable, on their own, of dismantling the existing repressive state without the need for any other layers of organization.

We believe there is an important role to play for organized groups of people with a common vision of dismantling the current state and building the other world we know is possible. It is important for organized groups within social movements to propose strategies and tactics based on a liberatory vision. We recognize that to effectively counter the attempts by the ruling elite to split and destroy movements, people with a liberatory vision will eventually need to be coordinated to the greatest extent possible – locally, nationally, and internationally.

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