In 2010, Another Politics is Possible and LA COiL collaborated to write the pamphlet “So That We May Soar: Horizontalism, Intersectionality and Prefigurative Politics”. The pamphlet in its original format can be found in the resources tab. Zines marked “LA COiL + APP” are sections from the original pamphlet. Zines marked “LA COiL” are new writings by LA COiL.

COiL is a collective of organizers who are deeply committed to ending “cemscawship” (capitalist, eco-murdering, settler colonial, ableist, white supremacist, imperialist heteropatriarchy) and working towards a just world in which people can flourish as full human beings. We support, love and hold each other; we learn, strategize and act together. For COiL, a commitment to ending “cemscawship” means participating in grassroots movement building and building our capacity for collective thinking, studying and practice that reflects the world we want to live in.

Another Politics is Possible (APP) is a group of organizers and activists in New York City. Their core values include collective leadership, democratic self-determination, challenging all systems of oppression, and centering the experiences of people most targeted by these intersecting systems.